About Break Free Live Experience

The Break Free Live Experience helps individuals find freedom from the inhibitions that hinder a successful sales technique. A seminar developed by global personal growth coach and mentor David Neagle, The Break Free Live Experience challenges participants to “break through the fear of asking for money” while realizing financial success and personal fulfillment. The three-and-a-half-day seminar affords an opportunity to gain clarity around the things that hinder sales potential and the ability to reach sales goals. Neagle’s philosophy includes the belief that if individuals master themselves, they can better master their business opportunities.

The President of Life is Now, Inc., Neagle designed his powerful Break Free Live Experience program after having a life threatening experience while on a river outing with family. An accident left him unable to walk for a month but gave him time to re-evaluate his life and purpose. Out of this experience grew his career as a motivational speaker and trainer of entrepreneurs and business professionals. Neagle shares his message through his groundbreaking seminars with coaches, speakers, commission-based sales professionals, and others who need help believing in their potential. The seminar guides participants in the process of ridding themselves of their dysfunctional subconscious blocks by making drastic changes to their lifestyles. It also focuses on communication and the importance of developing great relationships. Participants are also able to learn the process of mastering the sales conversation.

More than 300 entrepreneurs are already registered to attend the September 2012 event held at the Westin Million Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, California. To learn more about the Break Free Live Experience, or to register or view videos and testimonials, visit the official website at http://www.BreakFreeLiveExperience.com.


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